Yes You Can Train Your Dog

A Comprehensive Hand-book easy to understand and a practical guide to train your Dog

Yes You Can Train Your Dog by Eli Atias


Eli Atias

Eli has more than 20 years’ experience working with Military and Police dogs (K9) around the world and has trained hundreds of dogs.

As Project Instructor, he successfully developed the first integrated special operations K9 training module for counter-terrorism and explosives detection in the Army of some Asian countries.

He was sent to Europe as Chief Instructor for Detection & Narcotics Dogs, and conducted Specialized Training for Dogs used to detect explosives and land mines for missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Eli was also involved in the development of K9 Unit for law enforcement and special operations against drug trafficking for the Police Forces in South America.

He was the Chief Supervisor for all K9 Instructors in non-profit organizations and spearheaded the Detection Dogs Project (Explosives) for public transport systems in his home country.

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